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The village center consists of a church called ‘Nuestra Señora del Rosario' and was renovated due to its age. On one side of the church lies a bank, while the other side holds a restaurant. Two roads go up from the church, along a row of tiny, terraced houses dating to the 18th century. The local ‘Panaderia,’ otherwise known as the bakery is located there. Pastelesor cakes, are made there. These support a vital part of Spanish tradition on birthdays, saints' days, and Sundays. New houses and resorts are under construction.

Sucina has two town halls. The older one is deep in the old town. Inside is a small theatre and a hairdresser, plus information regarding activities, courses and events. Outside the town hall is a play area for children. long the benches, the older townsfolk seek refuge from the sun under the shade of the trees, keeping guard whilst their children play. A small platform stage can also be found outside the Ayuntamiento, where the steps of the town hall are utilised as makeshift seats, for any outdoor staged events. A few hundred yards away, just on the cusp of the town, one may discover the second and newer town hall, with a far more modern feel and almost clinical design. Several meters adjacent, there is a petrol station and a tobacconist. On one corner is a kiosk selling crisps, salted popcorn (palomitas - little doves or pigeons if you prefer) and sunflower seeds.


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